by zee

I wasn’t aware that as life progresses, strangeness will slowly cloud over you. Despite the weight gain, you still look the same, those features that I remember so well. What varies, and is strange to me, is the background of which you were photographed in. You are in a faraway land. I wondered, what were the stories behind those photos? I would really like to hear from you. They must be really interesting, filled with adventures and mishaps.

Travelling aside – I don’t recognise you anymore. It feels strange to know that you’ve seemed to transform into a complete stranger, someone who had a special spot in my life. It feels strangely relieving – that there is such thing as a more-than-complete let-go; that I won’t think of you with weightage anymore; that life goes on in such a peculiar and charming way, Life deserves a hug.

I also realise (very belatedly) that I can love and am being loved right now.

Thank you for being there. You’ve done a good job, off you go now.