Good morning

by zee

Good morning

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hands swimming on each others’ backs and arms and stomachs and chests and necks and faces, stopping once in a while to walk light feathery trails or press on the skin to prove its presence.

exploration of a place so common and yet so exotic and exclusive, the curves and crevices and softness and hardness and moist and dry, refined shyness and crude animal instincts. the hands discover a certain sensitive neuronal spot in a well-travelled territory; and thus keep returning from wherever it just went.

the mix of cool room temperature and warm body heat and skin texture and tango of tongues & lips & saliva and the touch from finger tips and palms and legs and sounds of these against the skin & blankets & bed & clothes and voices of strangers outside the unreliably thin door & walls and heavy breathing and primal sounds from each others’ throats and the lingering sweet smell of desire in the dark.

don’t go away. come nearer. come here. fast. faster. faster slower closer farther louder softer logic impulse i want you i need you i miss you i love you come here.