2013 Fall Films: 13 Movies We’re Looking Forward To

by zee

The movies seem pretty good! Can’t wait for it to be released!


Summer is (unofficially) over, which means that it’ll soon be a great time to get off the beach and into the movie theater. And not just because it doesn’t rain inside cineplexes: this fall boasts a promising list of blockbusters, indies, rom-coms and dramas to satisfy every kind of movie fan.

We’ve combed through the listings to pick out some of the films that will be brightening our weekends this autumn, whether they’re big titles that have had years’ worth of buzz or little upstarts that have caught some attention just in the last few weeks. Our top 13 are listed below.



Out: Sept. 13 (limited)

Starring: Waad Mohammed

Why we’re psyched: This little movie has been making the festival rounds for a while now, and we’ve already covered its ascent, but it’s worth singling out now that it will be in theaters. Wadjda is the first movie…

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