Comfort for the lonely heart

by zee

Ridiculously cold the whole day. When it didn’t rain, it was gloomy, heavy clouds barely held in the sky, cold winds blowing. What more with staying in the ridiculously cold lecture hall for 4 hours straight. What a first day of my final year!

I’m feeling somewhat lonely tonight. Not really sure who I can talk to. Not exactly one to barge into people’s room and invade their privacy. Can I blame it on my introversion/shyness instead? *twiddle fingers*


Australia puzzle postcard

Belated puzzle postcard bought from Australia, sent from few hostel rooms away, lol. What fun it is to anticipate the message this simple piece of card will bring? ;)

Tokyo banana

Tokyo Banana caramel custard cream

A souvenir from the roomie, who travelled Japan earlier ago. The cake is extremely soft but doesn’t disintegrate upon contact, the banana custard filling is not too sticky, though slightly sweet for my liking. I totally ADORE the giraffe print! OMG Japanese you make the coolest thing can? I would like to try the leopard print, which is chocolate filling and apparently limited edition. Official website here.

2013-09-09 22.52.47Another souvenir from the roomie. AWESOMEST SNACK EVER. The English words on the packing says “white chocolate cheese sandwich”. In between the cookie sandwich is a slice of soft whitish yellow cheese. The biscuit was soft and crumbly, but not to the extent it will fall all over your shirt, very pleasant saltiness and a hint of cheese. The cheese was, OMG, HEAVENLY. The right amount of cheesiness and saltiness and scent and softness OMG I ALMOST CRIED WHILE EATING THIS T____T IT IS WORSHIP-LEVEL HEAVENLY T________T Can somebody please share with me what this is T____T Officially the world’s tastiest snack T____T

Which reminds me,

I’ve had the great opportunity to taste this awesome-as-ever flavour of Lay’s in Beijing.

Cucumber-flavoured Lay's, only in China

Cucumber-flavoured Lay’s, only in China

I don’t know how to tell you how great this taste. Trust me – it tastes like cucumber, absolutely refreshing, not oily, makes you feel really happy because it doesn’t burden your stomach like how ordinary junk food does (due to the oiliness/heavy taste). ANYONE GOING TO CHINA ANY TIME????

After I’ve tried that Unknown Japanese Cheese Sandwich, Cucumber Lay’s is officially the world’s 2nd tastiest snack!

P1050254 P1050255An ice-cream shop in Heidelberg, Germany. I remember this shop very well, because it is in Heidelberg that I saw the perfect campus hoodie (navy blue, “University of Heidelberg”) but didn’t buy (didn’t have much budget for shopping) :((( It is in Heidelberg that we basked in the warm sunlight (after the chilling 2 days in Basel, Switzerland) that reminisces so much of home. It is also in Heidelberg that a youngster with sunglasses on bike greeted us “Konichiwa” (of which I replied back the same thing, and he seemed pretty amuse to show me/us an “I love you” sign).

1 Euro = a scoop of ice-cream. As compared to unbranded ice-cream in Malaysia: this is a much bigger scoop, on a decent cone, and tastes almost like branded ice-cream. Creamy enough with sufficient flavour to satisfy the palate. On the plus side, the ice-cream seller was really friendly, and he spoke English!! :)) Aaaand not forgetting the signage – vintage without trying to be :)))

P1040876Some ice-cream waffle we got in Lucerne, Switzerland. There was a crowd in front of the shop, so we reckon it could be famous, lol. In the end I didn’t even remember what the name of the shop was, nor the taste of the ice-cream, lol. All I know that it feels really good to eat ice-cream in the cold – it’s enjoying the moment and emphasising the happiness, babeh.

No, I don’t need ice-cream at this temperature, at this time (12.32am). Need to get in shape, yo.


K I don’t feel less lonely, but at least I feel better, while Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours is playing on this 8tracks radio :))) My all time happy song <3