What’s on TV tonight?

by zee

The next second you know it, his lips are on top of yours, slowly sucking yours with so much tenderness – you never thought to associate him with the term “gentle”. The living room remains dark except for the moving lights from the TV. The sound instantly muted.

You are well aware that he is lying on his side on the fake leather couch and you on the carpeted floor just beneath him; that the moist lips is lovingly caressing yours; the warmth radiating from his upper body. His face, beautiful face, is so close to yours, his eyes closed, basking in the moment of sharing this brief intimacy with you.


Image credit to gettyimages.com

Thoughts quickly ran through your mind. What if he finds out? Is this considered betrayal? Will he know if you don’t tell? Why do you find this so exhilarating? Do you still love him? Have you loved him? Is there a-

Abruptly his lips leave you, with the warmth suddenly gone you felt cold. You want him to be where he was before – then a pang of guilt hit you. Should you feel this way? This is wrong.

He resumed to his previous position on this couch. He looked down towards you and said, rather nonchalantly, “expecting more?”

The sound from the TV, subdued, comes back to your ears. You realise you are still wearing the shocked expression, looking at him with your wide, innocent eyes. “No,” you said, feeling quite disappointed. And then you sort of regretted you did not seize the moment, to truly savour the taste of his mouth, to relish the texture of his soft, thick, smooth lips, to grasp and feel how he made you feel from the core. Perhaps you would find some answers, perhaps you just want to feel him.

You climb into the couch and sat beside him. His bare feet is just beside you, his attention back to the light box in front. You decide not to pretend everything did not happen. You look at him, waiting.