My darling apples

by zee

#melancholic #outofnowhere

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F6I love all the photos I take with/of my high school mates. They symbolise (one of) my happiest times in my life. How often can you go through life without thinking whether you’re really happy, because you are already happy?

I’m not close with all of them; some, to be honest, are more like hi-bye friends with not much to talk about. Gatherings always end up just talking with the ones we’re close with. But I enjoy every moment spent with them, no matter I get to interact with them or not. Just listen to them talk about the future, their studies/work, gossips, TV dramas, football, or anything at all, makes me happy. At these moments, I feel extremely loved. They are my family.

Years passed, oh how much we have grown. We still seem the same, but our faces are now clouded with faint shades of maturity. Where did our dreams, our hopes, go?

We learned to live without each other. Our lives now only converge at certain points, and it will become lesser in the future. Sooner or later, we might end up never meeting each other again.

How I wish time would stop at that 1.5 years, 4 years ago. Nothing to worry about except our studies and (self-dramatise) relationship problems, and keep dreaming of the bright future waiting for us, all of us – that perfect hospital with the best doctors & pharmacists (in terms of capabilities & looks, lol) and the perfect economic mixed rice. Not to forget lawyers & politicians. The country can go whichever way it wants, but we have our beautiful little bubble.

You are the Apple of My Eye

You are the Apple of My Eye

This movie (and its theme song) never fails to remind of them & those years. My life perhaps only resemble 10% of the movie plot. You don’t need much though; laughter and naivete is enough to remind me of our happiness.

How can I show you the extent of my love to you, except just to keep smiling and tearing at the same time?