23 Little Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Own Happiness

by zee

Embrace life, pay attention to details, live like there’s no tomorrow.

Thought Catalog

1. Not taking the time to get to know the people you encounter on your everyday routine, and therefore remaining strangers with the barista, the cashier, the bus driver, and the neighbor who could otherwise become bright spots in your life (or even good friends).

2. Being cheap when it comes to tipping, or friends, or your own personal experiences — even when you don’t need to — just because you are used to pinching every penny.

3. Telling yourself that traveling is too hard, too expensive, or too logistically difficult, without actually doing the serious research that might find really cheap tickets or having the talk with your boss that might get you a little extra time off.

4. Dismissing the idea of couch surfing or car sharing, which could be the key to being able to travel.

5. Constantly judging yourself based on how your friends are doing…

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