Fast fiction

by zee

Short short stories satisfy my craving for imagination and a place to escape to in the quickest way possible. With just a few lines, I become both the observer and the protagonist in the story, I see, feel and rationalise things at the same time. I guess that is only possible if you had time to digest the words and regurgitate a scene in my mind/right in front of my eyes.

Words still give me more satisfaction than images or videos! #bookworm


Life for Beginners chronicles Kenny Mah’s moments in short pieces (usually). I say “moments”, because that is exactly what he records down in his blog. I particularly like the mix of Malaysian city buzz as well as the all-universal, homey ambience the blog gives away.

Being a ridiculously #hopelessromantic, my favourite post would definitely be The Love Songs, a love letter to his partner.

alaska’s eunoia – I love her One Night Writings, where she posts “little snippets found in clothes that were forgotten after one-night stands”.

This is my favourite so far:

One-Night Writing #7

@VeryShortStory – ’nuff said.

My favourite tweet:

Reminds me of Haruki Murakami!


On a side note: my laptop is lagging like shxt and I have no idea why T_T I don’t even have many applications on T_T