by zee

I have a friend who wears a gold metallic watch. I could never stop looking at her watch. I was actually surprised to find someone in the early 20s to be wearing a gold watch. 2 years ago, gold was not in trend among youngsters, hence I find it strange that the gold watch sits on her delicate wrist.

Simple links, round face, black surface for the dial, and the rest are in deep gold. At first sight it seemed rather old for her – did her mother give her this? Or even her grandmother? – but the longer I look at it (I’m obsessed like that), the more I like the watch; how it complements her peachy-tan skin and elegance.

Was browsing around just now when I came upon this Michael Kors watch:

Michael Kors Slim Runway Watch (gold)

Michael Kors Slim Runway Watch (gold)

It was almost similar as her – only the face was bigger, it has a white dial and the colour brighter. I immediately fell in love with this watch, along with other gold-colour jewelries – and no, not vintage rust-gold kind.

(I can only find this watch in the here though, not in Michael Kors official website.)