books for my children

by zee

How do you make people believe that there is nothing absolute in this world, including people; that no one deserves to die more/less than you (well there are exceptions); that everyone carries at least one heartbreaking stories within them? How do you, when these people do not read stories – or that they just do not see the humanity within?

if i have kids, i would definitely introduce them to the world of books. hopefully i will start them of with books that talk about different cultures, different mythologies and different people.

but beyond those initial books that introduce those concepts of difference, i’d hopefully like them to transition from those books that describe people as absolute, into books where character development is central.

i came across a piece my friend shared about the harry potter series. the focus was on neville longbottom. i’m really happy at how neville, as a character, grew from a wimpy kid to someone who is, quite possibly, more important than harry potter.

books like these are important. it introduces the idea that nothing is absolute, and that the world (and its people) is far more complex. the books that i have found the most profound are the ones where evil is never truly evil…

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