From A Guy’s Perspective: 25 Things That Will Really Solidify Your Relationship

by zee

Thought Catalog

1. Are you overwhelmingly proud, thrilled, and thankful to have this person as your partner in crime?

2. Do you talk about the future in a way that is at once comfortable, yet also not forcefully aggressive?

3. Do you guys have the same stance on PDA? (Hopefully, the stance is a negative one.)

4. Do your mutual interests coincide in a way that you can do date night activities based on them?

5. Do you have any problems with the way he/she conducts his or herself on social media?

6. Is one of you more comfortable saying the big, bad L word?

7. Are you both open and honest about past relationships, but not to the point where it becomes a semi-regular theme in conversation?

8. Have you guys created an environment in which it’s encouraged to be open and honest about what you each want in the bedroom?

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