So this is how missing you feels like

by zee

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So don’t come back just yet. Stay away just a little while longer.

Let me enjoy delay and lack and have a honeymoon of not having you. Give me the time to miss you more, to relish that, to feel even more lonely. Desperately to long for your return. To wait impatiently by the open door hours before you’re due. To walk about in this full, roomy solitude and this resonant silence, to compose this letter, my ship that sails to you, my freight, my spell magically conjuring your presence on paper, imagining what we will do and say on your return, words I shall not need to write down and send to you because you will have come back, you will be here with me and I’ll never dispatch this letter but tear it up into bits and scatter it, white fragments falling silently like our clothes on to the floor.

Extracted from the story Hypsipyle for Jason in Playing Sardines by Michele Roberts

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