by zee

What happened of late?

1. I’ve changed my job to a purely admin work, mainly of cut copy paste but sometimes make calls & send emails, depending on projects. Very routine & boring, so I started listening to podcasts to go through the boredom.

I’m guessing the office has 20+ people, but was never full. A large portion of it is made up on the sales department. Most of them (at least the Chinese) are married, only 3 of us who are 90s babies, lol. The main language of communication (verbal) is Cantonese, which initially gave me a shock as I have never stayed in a fully Cantonese community. Another thing is I’m so incredibly shy in conversing in Cantonese! Though I probably sound 80% right! Ughh.

What I enjoyed so far is how people here are so friendly & helpful; and that since not any stay in the office everyday, lunch is always spent with different people! There are no such thing as cliques over here. Though I feel slightly insecure with this kind of arrangement (fear of being alone wtf), I actually enjoy the different topics. Refreshing change from the same ole’ 20s topics ;)

2. Speaking of podcasts, today I listened to an interview of Maria Popova (of Brain Pickings) by Tim Ferriss (of The 4 Hour Work Week). I always enjoyed Brain Pickings, a public personal records of Popova’s thoughts on books she has read. She reads a vast array of books, but whatever she reads she aims to obtain wisdom to make life meaningful & fulfilling.

Her style of “annotation” is full of references to other works or artforms, and I am always fascinated (& curious) on the deep knowledge Popova possesses. How does she remember so many things lol???

In the interview they talked about how Brain Pickings kicked off, the details & innerworkings of Popova’s workflow. So many wisdom weaved in & out throughout the 1.5 hours, it’s such a gem.

3. Volunteering for Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur marathon 2014 on 12th Oct.

4. Fire drill at the office on 15th Oct wtf. I’ve had one in the previous company as well! So lucky of me to attend to 2 fire drills in my short working stint lol.

5. High tea @ Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Kuala Lumpur with Claire & Calise on 18th Oct – more on that later!

6. Watch Katthi in the Coliseum Theatre in Kuala Lumpur with Jade, and then a late lunch/heavy afternoon tea/early dinner at the Coliseum Cafe & Grill just neighbouring. The Tamil movie was 2.5 hours long and quite entertaining that both of us decided to come back for more movies haha! The presence of 2 Chinese girls at the counter probably gave him quite a pleasant surprise, as the independent cinema now caters to the Indian community. Most people now go to commercial cinemas for their movie fix due to the better environment & convenience.

To-do: Dig out art houses/studios!

7. A visit to Zeta bar @ KL Hilton on 24th Oct. Thanks to S and Jane for bringing me there! Frankly, my first bar experience (yes at the ripe age of 23). I am a little shy, we didn’t get on the dance floor but did dance a little; Jane taught us lolol. It actually felt really fun to be able to just move my body according to the music rhythm (though I was probably quite stiff and unable to express properly, having no experience in body expression). Combo of alcohol + dance is really something – the decreasing inhibition. Hopefully some day a visit in a real club. I have a feeling I will enjoy these night-outs once in a while, if I do get the chance to do so :/ #old

8. I am determined to blog here at least once every week. I  want to start writing (properly) again.