Bucket list – and then something else

by zee

Bucket list?
I figured that by creating a bucket list I will be more focused in life.
Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my past way back to my childhood (nah nothing tragic), things that I have and have not done. Mostly about things I haven’t done, and now probably would be a little bit difficult to complete; such as:
  • Going for gymnastic class when I was still a child!
  • Clubbing
  • Working holiday
  • Travel more with uni mates while still in uni
  • Be less shy
  • Get a more useful and relatable job experience. Obviously this was never in my plan.
Depression kicked in when I reflected on all these lost opportunities, especially when my social network feeds are filled with pictures of people completing my (invisible) bucket list :(
So I figured perhaps creating a bucket list might get me focused in life, and I did create one.
Except it didn’t give me the result I expected.
I had 20 or so items on my list, mostly travel- or adventure-related. Getting rich is not one of them, but perhaps would make crossing off these items much easier. What popped in my mind was: what’s next?
After I’ve trod the globe – what’s next?
Even if I travel intermittently (the most plausible scenario), what will I be doing between travels? Will I live in constant anxiety and unhappiness, while waiting for another travel stint to start? Would I keep wondering if I should’ve sold all my unnecessary belongings and buy a one-way ticket to paradise N years ago?
My last travel 2 months ago made me think about my purpose of travelling. It was the lack of satisfaction that triggered my thinking process. For every travel that I made, that excitement, that ‘high’ will only stick around for a short while – at most 2 weeks – and then your tank is drained empty and you wish to embark a new journey.
There are, however, that many places that one can go in a lifetime – and when you have ticked off all your must-go places, where are you left?
And then to that pressing question: what do I want to achieve in this life?
Am I complicating the bucket list? :S
I have stumbled upon this great to-do concept in an article – have someone, be it somebody you know or a stranger you have striked a conversation with, to give you a challenge to complete. In that piece of article, the author did not require these people to give him a deadline; however, he has to complete the tasks no matter what, and does not have to do it chronologically (i.e. from the first to-do).
I can’t find back that article anymore, it was such an inspiration for me – this is a wonderful way to broaden your horizon and be more open to new concepts.
It is perhaps time for me to start!
This quarter life crisis has been persisting since 2 years ago. I have just begun reading Finding Your Element: How To Discover Your Talents and Passions and Transform Your Life by Ken Robinson, a companion read to The Element, also by the same author. I would desperately need a guidance in this inner journey; I suck at asking deep questions nor organising my thoughts!