Love is like a shower in a new hotel

by zee

I don’t celebrate Valentine’s day. I don’t even explicitly celebrate anniversaries. (OK I admit I really deserve a big slap for the latter.)

(Hey everyone, meet Kafka, le boyfriend.)

Kafka is extremely practical. I like to think I am sort of practical. (I prefer to think of myself as the romantic type.) Our influence of not celebrating V-day may also come from living in a relatively conservative Asian country + surrounded by people who don’t appreciate extravagant public display of affection. Kafka is also shy in displaying affection.

Speaking of V-day also reminds me of May 20, an informal Valentine’s day for young Chinese. The date translates to 5.20, in Mandarin pronounced as “五二零 wu er ling”, which loosely sound like “我爱你 wo ai ni” or I love you. (They need serious hearing aid.)

I really love this description of romantic love by Zen Pencils, for it describes a romantic relationship very well! This is an extremely good piece of advice to be given to those who haven’t experienced it yet. With this I wish you a happy Valentine’s day! ;)