Mark Manson talks about beliefs – Self-Knowledge e-book

by zee

I don’t really know how it got into my inbox 2 months ago, but I was glad that I stalked my inbox and stumbled upon this email.

Mark Manson’s (free) e-book on Self-Knowledge.

In the e-book he talks about beliefs one holds – not about religion or political beliefs, but beliefs a person has towards him/herself and his/her relationship with the outside world.

It’s only 22 pages long, but it definitely felt like a punch in the face. The good, ah-hah kind.

Mark divides his e-book into 3 sections:

1. The Two Minds
In which he talks about the Thinking Mind, the Observing Mind and the pink elephant.

This is something I’ve heard plenty of times, but never the way he applies it to real life, on negative emotions and behaviours.

2. Believe What’s Helpful, Not What’s True
The title says it all.

On an unrelated note: It reminded me of a petition Happy Science launched to protest against the Nanking massacre during the Japanese occupation in China. That doesn’t sound like something happy to me.

3. The Prime Belief
On taking responsibility towards your self.

These all seem like the usual self-help advice you would get from any personal development websites or books, but I found his stories and real-life application of these concepts tremendously useful. This reading is definitely timely as I am currently struggling with (growing the mind into) adulthood – advices, teachings, lessons etc. pour in and you don’t know which seems to be true, or what is right or acceptable. Reading this definitely put me back on track instead of wandering away (because escapism is easier)!