Unsent letter

by zee

My phone fell the same way as it did 2 months ago and I think the same problem of it switching off by itself happens again. I cannot find its warranty card.

I also cannot find my books for which the exam is next Wednesday. I have yet to plan my family trip which is happening in 2 weeks’ time.

I also envy others’ lives for it seeming more interesting or happier than mine. Do not tell me about those not having a life as good as mine because right now I do not cannot feel them. I know I am selfish but I really can’t be bothered right now, I am after all less noble than you.

I also do not like that when I am agitated or sad or angry or whatever negative emotions I am experiencing, you simply assume my lack of work or something-to-occupy-a-large-chunk-of-my-time as the reason to my negativity. Thanks. I do not need people especially you my dearest you to assume that my life is only about Time or Productivity.

This letter remains unsent as you won’t give me the response I desire anyway. This is also an issue of mine that I have to deal with alone, just like any other bouts of negativity that has happened in the past, it’s just about me and never about you or us.

Yeah. Maybe that explains it.

I shall talk to you tomorrow, hopefully not bitter because I do not like to deal with my after-guilt. Yeah, it’s all my fault, not yours.