Listening: Belle of the Ball – Juwita Suwito (or, Thank You, #PMS)

by zee

Today was a ridiculously emotional day for me – ridiculous, because nothing spectacular happened in my life but only in my mind.

Thanks a lot, hormones #PMS.

I listened to a love story from an ex-colleague on Sunday about her new found romance. Any love story in real life, whether or not it involves wine and slow dance, is definitely romantic to me.

I am happy for her, I sincerely am – and I do hope that they will stick with each other for a long time. They have what we Chinese call 夫妻相 i.e. they look like a pair of husband & wife, which indicates they will be together forever and ever! (I am such a sucker for any vague notions of romance :X)

Guiltily, I have to admit I did felt a tinge of envy of them; which, when combined with my current stuporous circumstance, turned to bouts of fabulous self-doubts that kept playing half of the day.

There is always something so special about live music; it is that slight roughness of human voice that is usually edited away in recorded music. I love the simple, soft and lazy and comforting piano at the background; I love Juwita Suwito’s warm, gentle but strong voice that seems to speak to her listeners. Like a mother embracing her daughter who has lost her directions in life, whispering words of assurance.

Beautiful blessed daughter
Innocent Sweet September
Belle of the Ball, you had it all
When did you fall into this blessed curse?
Cold December holds you tight
But you are stronger
Belle of the Ball, you could still have it all

Watch the original video here