Zombie shell

by zee

Lately I have given up pretty much all my enthusiasm and motivation due to work. The previous attachment drained me dry. It wasn’t so much of my boss; more of how I couldn’t cope with the brain load. As of now I just could not be bothered with studying, except to complete the work from the previous attachment.

I am not one to experience tiredness but everyday after work all I want to do is sleep until weekend. Physically I feel fine but mentally and emotionally I feel empty, as if all of my soul has been sucked away and I am left with only a zombie shell.

Speaking of weekends — those are my only happy days, whether or not I have plans.


I am following a page on Facebook, where a pair of Malaysian couple ride their bikes from Malaysia to China. Today they posted up photos of their stay in Inner Mongolia.

Posted by Two Kids Two Bikes And The Whole World To See on Sunday, 16 August 2015

Absolutely. Breathtaking. I can’t believe such a place exist on earth. Is it possible for a noob female to travel solo to Mongolia? (No.)


Uni friends came over in the weekend. Unfortunately I wasn’t 100% my full self, I did not recharge 100%. It did not feel like in uni. I think it was cuz all of us were preoccupied with unfinished business back in our workplace.


What can you do when one shuts down himself with you? Could it be because it intimidates him? Or that it is redundant and minute? (But I kept thinking about what happened over and over.) What would happen if I let it go instead of insisting for an explanation?


I just ain’t as strong or positive as I thought.