#lelashonsip: teleport from point A to point X

by zee

These two days I’ve been binge watching TheGrimFilm’s Youtube comedies because they crack me up to much. I especially love these 2 videos where Jared spoke about men in relationships:

“If you want chair, say. Say you want chair, I give you chair.”

The 2nd video especially always send my tummy to stitches (well yeah I’ve rewatched this a few times lol) because it’s so funny to watch as a third person the stupid sh*t girlfriend says, and then to relate to myself!

“What if I meet with an accident, no more hands more no legs, will you still love me? I become like a bean, a kacang!” OMG the girlfriend is too funny to think of such description #tears

Another reason I like to watch this (couple) is because of how confident and assured he is about his love towards his fiancee, as if loving her is a true fact, there is no need to doubt. Romantic sial.


A friend told me about her boyfriend’s stickiness and how that made her lose friends in her university. It’s strange to see her complaining about that, but still wants to marry him.

I cannot imagine la marriage. Too stressful, dealing with all the adults and the kids, having to switch my masks constantly.

The other day a friend asked, what is your goal in life? Or perhaps, more accurately, where do you want to be a year from now?

Lately I’ve been thinking of turning into a nomad and travel the world. Impossibru la if have to get married. Also, I have to sustain myself so how should I go around that?

I dunno la I’m so confused since July after I had my clinical attachment. I’m not good at it, and I’m not sure if I would enjoy it even if the workplace is more pleasant.

I’m glad I have a friend whom I can talk about dreams and goals and all the big idealistic stuff with. Talk, however, will only remain as talk if I don’t take any actions.