Echoes from across the ravine

by zee

I used to be crazy about JJ Lin but didn’t stick around after the 6th album, because I felt his music quality has changed. Now I still pay a little more attention to him than other artistes, for he is one talented musician with a unique voice and great vocals. A few years back I attended his concert with a few friends. The concert experience was meh (why is the crowd so cool??) but it felt surreal to listen to him live. That magnetism in his voice vibrated within you!! wtf.

His singing technique has matured since the year he debut, his voice much richer in emotions. His music has definitely transformed from into an art more sophisticated than then.

Oh dear so many year has passed. I see a ravine developed and widening between me, ten years ago, and myself here. I wasn’t sure if I missed her, but I did try to bring me back here. That me who used to sing in the bathroom and karaoke rooms, and chose JJ’s songs to sing; who was shy around boys, had a few crushes and recorded every minute detail of the rare interactions with them; who would follow every bits and pieces of the singer’s news and gossips and got jealous of rumoured affairs wtf; who dreamed almost every week, and religiously recorded every single one of them in the diaries.

Melancholy washed over me, for these moments can only remain intangible and fragile; and slowly even these memories will be washed up by the ocean of time and then – what’s left?

(OK back to my report.)