by zee

X: I told you to meet me at 4.

A: I was busy in my department as I was the only one there.

X (to B): What about you?

B: I only got the news 10 minutes ago from C.

X: (stared dagger at A) You didn’t know about this?

B: I didn’t know until C told me about it.

X (to C): And you?

C: I got to know it today when I met Y today at 2pm.

X (to A): (stared dagger for a long long while) Why didn’t you tell B and C?


1. X was in the meeting at 4pm, so A, B and C minded their own business while waiting for X.
2. In hind sight, there should be better communication flow between A, B and C; but prior to that moment the web of connection wasn’t to say ideal.

There are many ways to end this conversation. Let not “I’m sorry” be the primary choice, because sorry nor fear should not be cheap.